Getting to Stehekin

Getting to Stehekin is a snap once you learn about your options for travel. Located at the head of Lake Chelan there are no roads that lead to the Stehekin valley. The most popular method of travel is by ferry boat that runs two boat daily in the summer time. To get a bird’s eye view of the lake, try a flight with Chelan Seaplanes. They offer multiple flights a day at just half an hour in the air you will land at the upper end in no time. Lastly, there are multiple trails through the park that you can hike or ride a horse in on your own. A valley shuttle bus can pick you up on the Stehekin end of the trail to bring you to lodging facilities and destinations like Stehekin Valley Ranch have corrals and feed for your horse.

Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake Boat company has daily ferry boats that make the round trip to Stehekin. The Lady Express and the Lady II both leave Chelan at 8:30 in the morning and make one trip a day. For more information on schedules and rates check out their website at or call 509-682-4584

Stehekin Ferry

The Sonny-Jo is a 32 foot catamaran ferry, a new service for 2020 operated by the Courtney Family. She travels from Stehekin to Fields Point Landing every day, all year round. This is a great travel option for those coming from far away. For more information about schedules and pricing, check out their website at or call 509-669-5045


Come in on your own power by hiking over some of the popular trails like Cascade Pass, Rainy Pass or down the North Fork of Bridge Creek (also the PCT)