What we provide:

FOOD: On all our scheduled trips, we furnish all food. Hearty and wholesome camp-and-ranch-style meals prepared by experienced hands. If you are on a special diet, let us know-we can usually accommodate you. Most vegetarians find plenty to eat from our regular menu but may want to bring extra snacks in case, depending on how strict your standards are.

UTENSILS: Along with the food, we furnish all utensils and cooking equipment. Plan to bring your own water bottle to keep with you while hiking or use a Camelpak back pack as your day pack. A water filter will be set up in camp for refilling.

TENTS: We furnish all necessary tents for a practical and comfortable camp. Sleeping tents are 7′ X 9′ wall tents with sewn-in floor and bug screen. They will accommodate two with a lot of room. Up to four can use them if they wish and we will have one for the individual who comes alone and prefers it. Usually we figure on two per sleeping tent. It you have a favorite lightweight tent of your own you’d prefer to use, we welcome you to bring it along.

TOILETS: At back country camps where no toilets are set up, we bring and set up our own practical one with a tent for privacy.

DUFFEL BAG: When you sign-up for a trip, we mail you a duffel bag that is yours for the trip. These are about 13″ X 36″ and have a full zipper on the side. Please wash and return it at the end of the trip. It works out well to put your clothing, sleeping bag, and personal items in plastic bags for organization and waterproofing.

HORSES: We provide all pack and riding stock necessary for the duration of the trip, and we pride ourselves in the quality and disposition of our stock.

WRANGLER & CAMP HELP: We furnish all packers, wranglers and cooks on trips. They are competent people trained in their work and in mountain first aid. None of the guests are expected to help, but those who wish to volunteer though, are welcome.

What to bring:

SLEEPING BAG: There are many good bags on the market. Some things to consider in the kind to bring are: It should be small enough to be packed in your duffel bag; IT SHOULD BE WARM ENOUGH FOR HIGH COUNTRY FROSTY NIGHTS, or even an occasional mid-summer snow storm (down or holofill); and a full-length zipper is good on warm nights.

SLEEPING PAD: A light foam pad or dependable air mattress is surely worth its weight not only for comfort but for insulation. ThermARest is a good brand.

BOOTS: For hiking, you’ll need comfortable, well broken-in boots. Be sure your boots fit and have them broken in before the trip if at all possible. Your socks are important. Experiment with what works for you and remember, we may have some wet and fairly cold weather.

SHOES: A light pair of tennis shoes are great for camp and are a great break for your feet from your boots. A camp shoe is ideal if you need to dry your boots out at the end of the day.

CLOTHING: Practical, comfortable lightweight layers are the key words. Bring some warm underwear and an extra shirt and trousers. Wool or polar fleece are hard to beat. Also bring a pair of warm gloves or mittens, extra socks, a hat or cap for rain or sun, and a light rain suit or poncho. For the hikes, you’ll need a light day pack to carry your lunch, sweater, camera, etc., when you are on the trail. Be sure and bring enough warm clothes, even if it’s 100 degrees when you start.

SUNGLASSES & SUN CREAM: High altitude gives you more exposure to the sun’s rays.

EYEGLASSES: Extra glasses are good insurance.

INSECT REPELLENT: Sometimes and in some places, mosquitoes and flies are troublesome.

WATER BOTTLE: In hot weather, it seems a long way between creeks in some areas.

EMERGENCY ITEMS: Many experienced outdoor people consider the following items essential: pocket knife, map and compass, flashlight or head lamp, matches in waterproof case, candle or chemical fire starter and personal first aid kit.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Soap, small washcloth and towel, toothbrush, etc. We will provide a group first aid kit but if you regularly use toiletry items such as antacids, decongestants, allergy medications, vitamins, rash ointment, eye drops, pain relievers, contact solutions etc we suggest you carry your own supply. If you are allergic to bees please bring your epi-pen and notify our staff.

FISHING LICENSE: Must be obtained prior to the trip if you wish to fish. Purchasing from home is easiest since most of our trips leave right from the boat. Don’t forget your pole and tackle!

All the above items should go In the duffel bag we send you and weigh about 30 pounds.